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New Balance Journey to Comrades Webinar 4 – December – January


The fourth of our New Balance Journey to the Comrades Marathon Webinars with Run Talk SA was anchored by Brad Brown tonight, with guests Lindsey Parry and Louise Bembridge-Carter. The trio chat about what you should be doing right now from a training perspective  as well as what you should be focusing on for the next four weeks. Our resident dietician, Louise Bembridge-Carter tells us how to avoid overdoing things this festive season.

We also chat about Achilles tendon injuries, the Boston Marathon, compression gear for running, protein peptides and the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Diet that Professor Tim Noakes advocates

The next New Balance Journey to Comrades is happening on 13 January 2014 and you can .

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Modern Athlete December 2013 Edition

The December 2013 edition of Modern Athlete is out. You can access the digital version below or subscribe to it free here. As always the magazine is packed with some awesome articles. Read about the phenomenal Landie Greyling,  The King of Comrades Bruce Fordyce, learn more about the Park Run explosion in South Africa and singing sensation Danny K tells them why he runs.

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James Evans dismisses ASA AGM as invalid

Athletics SA (ASA) president James Evans says the annual general meeting (AGM) held on Saturday where the federation’s entire board was dissolved is unconstitutional and invalid.

Neither Evans nor vice-president Hendrick Ramaala were in attendance as they were appearing in a Johannesburg High Court to uphold Thursday’s decision to suspend five members of the provincial boards.

James Evans

ASA President James Evans

Evans said a notice was sent to all members of ASA that the AGM would have to be postponed until the High Court matter was concluded.

“Undeterred, and while the High Court matter was being heard, and in the absence of the president and vice-president of ASA, who were at the High Court, certain members of ASA, led by the five provincial affiliates who had forced ASA into court, insisted on the AGM continuing,” Evans said in a statement on Sunday.

“More alarmingly, the ‘meeting’ then chose to not follow the agenda, but instead considered a motion to remove the board, for which no notice had been given and which was not on the agenda.”

A seven-member interim board was appointed at the AGM to run the sport for the next six months, after which another annual general meeting would be called and elections would be held.

The seven board members were Tebogo Masehla, Harold Adams, Aleck Skhosana, Jakes Jacobs, Daan du Toit, Steven Khanyile and Sello Mokoena.

Evans said the AGM did not take place since no item on the agenda was discussed while the Annual Report and the Annual Financial Statements were not tabled or discussed.

“Members of ASA who had not met the requirements for participation at the AGM because they do not have audited financial statements for 2012, were permitted to participate in the charade on 30 November 2013,” he said.

Evans said for a resolution to remove directors they must, according to the Companies Act, be given 30 days notice of the motion, while they should also be given an opportunity to make a presentation before the matter is put to a vote.

He said the High Court matter had been postponed to February 4, 2014 when a final decision would be made.

The IAAF was planning a visit to South Africa in January to address the ongoing impasse in the sport, Evans said.

“In the meantime the office and board of ASA will do everything within its power to ensure that the sport continues to run and that teams are entered and accepted by the IAAF and the CAA,” he said.

He said the IAAF constitution made it clear that “in the event of a conflict that brings the activities of a member to a standstill, an ad hoc committee may be set up, for a defined period, to be in charge of the management of athletics in the country or territory concerned”.

An ad hoc committee also had to be approved by the IAAF in advance.

“No prior approval was given by the IAAF to form such an ad hoc committee,” Evans said.

“Asking for permission after it has been done does not comply with the clause — the IAAF has made that clear before.”

Evans warned that if the interim board that was appointed on Saturday interfered with the running of ASA, it would place the federation’s membership of the IAAF in jeopardy. – SAPA

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James Evans ousted as ASA board dissolved

Embattled president James Evans was ousted and a seven-member interim board appointed to run Athletics SA (ASA) at an annual general meeting (AGM) in Johannesburg on Saturday.

The existing ASA board was dissolved with the interim board appointed for six months, after which a meeting would be held to elect a new board.

asaThe seven interim board members elected on Saturday were Tebogo Masehla, Harold Adams, Aleck Skhosana, Jakes Jacobs, Daan du Toit, Steven Khanyile and Sello Mokoena.

Speaking on behalf of the acting board, Mokoena said they had been given a mandate to sort out the federation.

“As it stands now Athletics South Africa is under interim leadership. Seven interim directors have been appointed today to run the affairs and try to normalise the situation,” Mokoena said.

He said the process to remove the board started on Friday at a Special General Meeting in Johannesburg.

“It started with 11 provinces saying ‘enough is enough’ and deciding to put a motion in place to deal with the problems at ASA.

“Chief among them (the problems) was the non-progress and the difficulties of the board working together. The provinces decided the board needed to be held jointly-accountable for the situation ASA found itself in.

“The other provinces joined the 11, and the meeting was held last night.”

Mokoena said it was a unanimous decision to sack the board and he reiterated that the AGM was held in accordance with the ASA and IAAF constitution.

“Right at the point of Boland proposing the motion, the IAAF was informed. The first step come Monday is to speak to important stakeholders among the IAAF, Sascoc (SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) and the Department of Sport,” Mokoena said.

He said the interim board was likely to appoint a chairman on Monday, while Mokoena, along with Du Toit and Masehla, would go to the ASA offices on Monday and meet with the staff.

Mokoena said the first item on the interim board’s agenda was to look into the federation’s financial status.

“The seven interim board members will need to know exactly what is happening in terms of the finances and operations of ASA,” he said.

“We are here are simply to ensure the athletics program runs… and that will require other resources which may need other stakeholders.

“It is common knowledge that the sport doesn’t have any sponsors… the private sector needs return on their investment and, at the moment, we don’t have a return for them.”

At the end of June, Sascoc suspended ASA after its members ignored sanctions placed on its board.

The suspension was in terms of Clause 9.3 of Sascoc’s Articles of Association which gave it the power to “suspend, fine and terminate” the membership of any federation which infringed the Sascoc constitution or brought the organisation into disrepute.

Mokoena believed Saturday’s decision would pave the way for the Olympic body to lift the suspension.

Neither Evans nor Hendrick Ramaala attended the AGM as they were appearing in a Johannesburg High Court attempting to uphold Thursday’s decision to suspend five members of ASA’s provincial boards.

“The five members ignored the dispute resolution mechanisms in the Constitutions of Athletics South Africa and Sascoc and [were] also in violation of the rules of the IAAF,” Evans said in a statement on Saturday.

It emerged later on Saturday, the high court judge would not grant Evans an interdict and instead suggested Evans seeks arbitration to resolve his differences with the board members. – SAPA

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Sonja Laxton Update

We have been getting many requests for updates on Sonja Laxton’s condition after she was hit by a car last Sunday while out running. We received this email from her husband Ian today and he has been gracious enough to let us share it with you:

Dear Friends,

I am writing this with a sense of wonder at the depth of care and love that Kim, Sonja and I have experienced in the last few days. The number of people who have contacted us by phone, sms and e-mail since Sonja was admitted to Milpark Hospital has been astounding.

It is a practical impossibility to contact every person directly. I wish I could, but I would need an army of secretaries with a computer each, plus a roomful of cell-phones. So far, more than 200 people have contacted either Kim or me directly.

Hence this letter. I hope that you will take it as a personal ‘thank you’ from both of us for the care and love that we have received. I have attempted to tell Sonja about every call and message, but she has had difficulty in absorbing all this information. She asked me to thank as many people as possible, and this is the best way I can do that, at this time.

The most common questions we have received are Continue reading

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Craig Martin’s PB at the Winelands Marathon, Brad Brown’s Webinar & the New Balance 1080V4 Review – Run Talk SA Episode 26

Brad Brown Before & After

To find out more about Brad’s webinar click on the image

Run Talk SA is officially 6 months old! This is episode 26 and we are really thankful that you are still here with us. We love what we are doing and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we enjoy putting them together. This week on the show:

Parky caught up with Craig Martin, who just ran a marathon pb at the recent Winelands Marathon. Simon quizzed Craig on what he has being doing as far as training goes and what he has been doing differently in order to run as well as he has been running.

Simon asked Brad about a new webinar that Brad is going to be hosting on Tuesday 29 November that is aimed specifically at the novice runner and people who want to get started in running. If you want to find out more you can here.

Brad spoke to Ryan Hodierne from New Balance about the soon to be released New Balance 1080v4. Ryan gives us a review of the shoe and talks us through some of the key features of the model the 1080.

If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes you can click here or on the RSS feed by  If you have an android device we have also been added to Stitcher and you can listen to us or download the podcast here

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Run Talker of the Week – TheAngryKenyan

ninjagoeyesHow did you get into running? I started running really just to try something different. I mostly counted myself as cyclist as well as the other fitness stuff I do, but I had always said I didn’t like running. Then, after witnessing one too many accidents on cycle races I turned to running for a safer, still outdoor option. I keep being told I’m built for running and to my surprise, I took to it and the rest, as they say is history.

How long have you been running? Just two years now, I started in the November of 2011

What is your favourite distance to run and why? I really enjoy the 10km distance. My usual turn to route is just 10kms and it gives me a chance each time to test myself for time and speed. I can take it slow and just enjoy it, or I can try and push myself and come home absolutely finished and in just 10kms.

Who is your biggest running inspiration and why? I haven’t really been following running as I’m pretty new to it and no one person inspired me to start. There are the obvious legends of running like Bruce Fordyce, multiple winner of the Comrades Marathon and Barry Holland, 40 consecutive Comrades Marathons, who cannot be ignored. But people like Mo Farah also inspire me as a shorter distance runner, built for speed. If I’m honest, I’m more inspired by regular folk, like myself, who look at a distance, be it 10, 21, 42 or even 89kms, see it as a challenge and then go out and accomplish it, not matter what it takes.

What is your biggest or best running achievement? What are you most proud of? Without a doubt, Comrades Marathon 2013. Not simply because it’s known as the Ultimate Human Race, but because I set my sights on it June 2012, stuck to my training, pushed through injury and got myself to the finish line in some of the toughest conditions ever. I was proud of myself for not only overcoming the physical challenge, in just over a year and a half’s running, but also how I coped mentally as it took a great toll on me.

What is your favourite running quote? Continue reading

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Running overuse injuries with physio Inneke Scorgie & what goes into great running performances with athlete manager Craig Fry – Run Talk SA Episode 25

Overuse injury

We are into Episode 25 of Run Talk SA and we have another really busy show for you this week:

Brad tells Parky about a really exciting project he has been working on and if you know someone who is keen to start running make sure they listen to the next episode of Run Talk SA.

Following the third New Balance Run Talk SA webinar, we caught up with our resident physio Inneke Scorgie about overuse injuries that runners pick up.

Comrades Coach Lindsey Parry tells us why it is important to take a short break from training at this time of the year before the big mileage starts in the build-up to the 2014 Comrades Marathon. You can watch the whole webinar here.

Brad chats to athlete manager Craig Fry to see what goes into a world class performance like Lusapho April put in at the New York Marathon last weekend. If you want to contact Craig you can through his website Craig’s Athletes or .

Robin Hide from Modern Athlete joins us to tell us what is in this month’s edition of the Modern Athlete. You can access an electronic version of the magazine here.

Also check out our latest Run Talker of the week and this week it is Bronwynne Weihl

If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes you can click here or on the RSS feed by  If you have an android device we have also been added to Stitcher and you can listen to us or download the podcast here

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Run Talker of the Week – Bronwynne Wiehl.

Bronwynne WiehlHow did you get into running? My husband has been a runner for the last 20 years and spends most of his weekends at races and training. He always begged me to join him so eventually I did. My motivation was more for weight loss than anything else but I ended up loving it.

How long have you been running? I was never a runner at school & never even went to gym. I started with a walk/run strategy, covering distances of 2km – 4km in 2009 and gradually built up from there. My first race was the KFC Valentine’s Day Night race at Randburg Harriers. It was so festive and everyone was having so much fun, I just loved it. Nowadays, running is an integral part of my life.

What is your favourite distance to run and why? For races, I’d most probably say 10kms. I find unlike the half marathons, the distance is less stressful on my body and ‘doable’. As for casual running, nothing beats that 5km run after work to de-stress and clear your mind.

Who is your biggest running inspiration and why? It’s pretty much everyone who wakes up at the crack of dawn on a weekend (especially during Winter) and heads out to run.

What is your biggest or best running achievement? What are you most proud of? I missed the 3 hour cut-off for Two Oceans half marathon in 2010 by 6 minutes. It devastated me!  But I went back in 2012 and shaved over 20 minutes off my time and got my medal! Continue reading

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New Balance Journey to Comrades Webinar 3 – November to December


The third webinar in the series of ‘Journey to Comrades’ was broadcast live on Monday 11 November 2013. On this webinar Brad Brown and Lindsey Parry covered the following:

  • What should you be doing right now if you are a novice?
  • What should you be doing right now if you are an experienced runner?
  • When should you look at taking a break before the end of the year?
  • The importance of recovery in your training regime.
  • What you should do if you have picked up an injury.

The next ‘Journey to Comrades Webinar’ will take place on 2 December 2013 and you can find out more about it and register here

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