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Trail Talker of the Week – Marinda Lindeque

Marinda Lindeque img1How did you get into  trail running? I’m a member of New Balance Multisport club and my friend Lisa, who was trail captain at the time, gave me total FOMO with her newsletters and passion for trail – I started joining her weekly runs – the love grew from there.

How long have you been trail running? Nearly 2 years.

What is your favourite distance to run and why? That’s kinda a hard question with trail running, because every race/terrain is different – distance can be very deceiving when it comes to trail.

Who is your biggest trail running inspiration and why? My husband is my biggest inspiration, he’s an amazing athlete and my biggest supporter.  And my trail running friends inspire me – pushing boundaries and comfort zones all the time.

What is your biggest or best running achievement? What are you most proud of? Definately the Fairview Drylands Traverse – running back to back and it’s also running the longest distance I’ve ever done in one go.  I’m most proud that I finished with a smile and made amazing friends along the way.

What is your favourite trail running quote? Dory’s “Just keep on swimming” on the hills – LOL!  And my team-mate and friend, Shirley’s words – ‘small steps’, also on hills!!

Where is your favourite place to run and tell us why? Continue reading

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Tri Talker of the Week – Samantha Summerscales

Samantha Summerscales IMG 4How did you get into triathlon? An ex boy friend of mine did Triathlon, and in no time I was hooked onto this amazing sport

How long have you been in triathlon? I started training in July this year and did the 5150 Bela Bela as my first Triathlon. Only been in Triathlon for 5 months

What is your favourite discipline and why? It’s a tough choice between cycling and running. I enjoy the cycling as it’s the only discipline where I can catch my breath, on the other hand I have a good running background so I find it easy.

Who is your biggest triathlon inspiration and why? There are so many. As an entire package it would have to be Chrissie Wellington and Lucie Reed. Both are phenomenal athletes and I dream to be on that level someday.

What is your biggest or best triathlon achievement? What are you most proud of? Would have to be claiming the 11Global squared title together with the fastest run and bike split J

What is your favourite triathlon quote? “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is!”

Where is your favourite place to train and tell us why? Continue reading

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Latest News on Sonja Laxton’s condition.

We received this update on ‘s condition from Ian Laxton on Tuesday 3 December 2013. 


Good day everyone,

I am pleased to report that these complications have resolved themselves, except for the use of a nasal cannula to breathe.  She is in high spirits and is receiving aggressive physiotherapy, and has even started walking around the ward, assisted.  Fifty metres in 5 minutes is not exactly world record pace, but, like the first man on the moon, it is a ‘giant step.’Her condition improves daily.  Early last week, typically in post-trauma recovery, her body took some serious knocks as a result of the repair process that was taking place.  She had difficulty breathing, resulting in an aggressive regimen of oxygen supplementation being put into place via a face mask and breathing machine.  She also developed a pneumonia.We continue to be amazed by the number of enquiries we are receiving daily about Sonja’s condition.  All of us appreciate immensely the wave of love and affection that has come Sonja’s way, now 16 days after her accident.  It has not diminished at all.  In fact, many people still call regularly, and I know that many others would like to know what is happening, but realise that handling the volume of calls takes time on our side.

We await her move out of ICU, but the timing of that milestone remains unclear.  The final move back home is still in the future.  Pray that it is before Christmas.

Regards and thanks again.

Kim and Ian

The interview below was done with Kim Laxton on the most recent Run Talk SA

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Supa Piet takes on Ironman Western Australia & Ryan Habib talks Triathlon – Tri Talk SA episode 21

Supa Piet Pieter du PreezThere are only a few days to go until Ironman Western Australia. This week on Tri Talk SA we chat to one of the athletes taking part and we also caught up with a recent Tri Talker of the week. On Episode 21 we:

Head to Australia to catch up with a guest we’ve had on before on episode 3 but this time we are chatting to Pieter du Preez just days ahead him aiming to become the first quadriplegic to complete an Ironman. Supa Piet became the first quad to complete a half ironman when he complete Ironman 70.3 in Busselton earlier this year and he is now in for the big daddy, Ironman Western Australia. You can track Pieter on Saturday night/Sunday morning South African time on Ironman Live using his race number  1590

Speak to yet another ordinary everyday Triathlon hero, Ryan Habib, who is slugging it out week after week trying to be the best he can be while providing for his wife and son. Ryan also wrote a pretty cool article after the recent Midlands Ultra Triathlon.

Don’t forget too that you can get your free Tri Talk SA checklist here to make sure you forget nothing when going to your next race.

If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes you can click here or on the RSS feed by clicking here. You can also be in touch via  or  or 

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Triathlon Inspiration

‘Aerodynamically, the bumble bee should not be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.’ – Mary Kay Ash

Do yourself a favour and watch this video. It will REALLY inspire you.

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Kim, Sonja & Ian Laxton

Kim, Sonja & Ian Laxton

It has been a couple of very busy days at Run Talk SA HQ! Firstly our latest Comrades webinar took place last night and we needed to get a podcast out on top of that too! So here it is and we hope you enjoy it! On episode 27:

We get an update on how Sonja Laxton is doing after her accident 3 weeks ago. Brad caught up with Sonja and Ian’s daughter, Kim, who gives us the latest news on how her mom is doing.

We touch on how to deal with the sun if you have a fair skin and run ultra-marathons in our latest New Balance Comrades webinar with Comrades coach Lindsey Parry. We also spoke to our resident dietician Louise Bembridge about how you can stay on the straight and narrow this festive season.

Parky was in Zimbabwe for the weekend and he ran the Europcar 20 Miler on Sunday and caught up with the race director Adrian Bachelor Adams.

As mentioned in the show if you want to get someone you know  a great gift for Christmas and get them running, then check out the running programmes Brad Brown has put together to get someone running.

If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes you can click here or on the RSS feed by  If you have an android device we have also been added to Stitcher and you can listen to us or download the podcast here

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Midlands Ultra Triathlon Race Report – by Ryan Habib

Ryan Habib IMG 3.



This weekend I took part in the Midlands Ultra Triathlon. Aside from the weather, it was well organized – but we can’t have it all.


After a terrible experience in the water, during which I was even passed by a fellow athlete towing his son in a canoe, I thought to myself, why do I even do this?

I managed to finish the swim and strolled into transition, and then started to jog a bit. I began to think that since I was here, I might as well do what I could to recover. Conditions weren’t perfect on the bike, but having endured worse I stayed positive.


It must have been somewhere out on the ride, as I passed what seemed to be a bike I would find on my wish list for Santa (except that this Santa didn’t look too jolly as I passed him), that I had an epiphany — why I do Tri.


It seems to me that I start with a personal challenge to beat someone or to race, but come race day, when it’s just me out there with the wind whistling through small vents in my helmet, that I quickly realize that each one of the athletes competing is on their own journey. From the beginner to the elite, each competitor has personal goals – and while I love passing a bloke on a bike I secretly (or not so secretly, anymore) lust after, it’s not about that. I pass him, and someone else passes me as we all travel the same journey to our personal goals. This concept may not seem obvious for our sport-mad country, but it isn’t about making the finish line as fast as possible.


Each one of us athletes has challenged ourselves – often for some reason outside of the sport. Each athlete comes to the race with their “baggage” – a reason to prove “they can do it”.


The recent diagnosis of my mother’s cancer has made this challenge more than simply a race. It provides hope, a hope that if I can somehow overcome a physical personal challenge then perhaps, my mom’s race against the cancer can also be challenged, raced and conquered, making the medal more meaningful. Don’t get me wrong – medals for races are meaningful – but having a different force driving me to succeed makes it that much more meaningful.


The thought began to form that perhaps I wasn’t the only one out there today in between the rain and cold, redefining themselves out there, I became certain that others were racing for their own hopes too


To all of the competitors, whether you were the man towing his son or the guy dressed in his CHOC suit, well done!


Next time you are out there racing, challenge yourself, and remember for the majority of us, the race is one against only ourselves. There is no losing when we are out there.

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New Balance Journey to Comrades Webinar 4 – December – January


The fourth of our New Balance Journey to the Comrades Marathon Webinars with Run Talk SA was anchored by Brad Brown tonight, with guests Lindsey Parry and Louise Bembridge-Carter. The trio chat about what you should be doing right now from a training perspective  as well as what you should be focusing on for the next four weeks. Our resident dietician, Louise Bembridge-Carter tells us how to avoid overdoing things this festive season.

We also chat about Achilles tendon injuries, the Boston Marathon, compression gear for running, protein peptides and the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Diet that Professor Tim Noakes advocates

The next New Balance Journey to Comrades is happening on 13 January 2014 and you can .

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Modern Athlete December 2013 Edition

The December 2013 edition of Modern Athlete is out. You can access the digital version below or subscribe to it free here. As always the magazine is packed with some awesome articles. Read about the phenomenal Landie Greyling,  The King of Comrades Bruce Fordyce, learn more about the Park Run explosion in South Africa and singing sensation Danny K tells them why he runs.

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Cycle Talker of the Week – Victoria Myburgh


Victoria Myburgh img1How did you get into road cycling? I began cycling on the track as an u14. I had read cycling magazines and wanted to get into MTB racing, but read an article that referred to track cycling coach Dave Street. It turned out that my mother knew him, and so I went to meet him and began training on the track with his group. I later began racing on the road, as my interest was in the endurance events on the track so road racing was complimentary. My goal was still eventually to race professionally on the MTB. Supported by Linden Cycles, I competed in as many road and MTB events as possible, hoping to be recognised by a MTB team. I literally accidentally met John Robertson, and from there my more serious road racing began with Team Bizhub and later the FJR Women’s Team. My focus has moved back to the MTB though.

How long have you been cycling? I started cycling in 2001 at the age of 14. I have been riding for 11 years, with two “brief sabbaticals” along the way.

What is your favourite distance to cycle and why? I most enjoy marathon distance (+/- 75km) on the MTB. I also really enjoy Ultra Endurance events, such as the Trans Baviaans. It appeals to me to see how long I can push myself for. The attraction was similar for the endurance events on the track, where I enjoyed seeing how far into the red I could push myself, and see who else would be able to stay with me.

Who is your biggest cycling inspiration and why? Continue reading

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