Deirdre Larkin, The 81 Year Old 10km World Record Holder, The Victoria Falls Marathon and Robin Hide from Modern Athlete – Run Talk SA Episode 15

Deirdre LarkinThis week on Run Talk SA we feature one of the most inspirational runners you could ever hope to meet. Deirdre Larkin is 81 years young, only started running 4 years ago and recently broke the world record for the 10km in her age group. How fast did she run it in? SAY WHAT??? You’ll have to listen to this week’s show here to find out how fast she is.

We also touched base this week with Robin Hide from the Modern Athlete to find out what is in their September edition, which also happens to be their 5oth edition.

Parky this week also found out a lot more about the Victoria Falls Marathon from Linda Willemse from Wildfrontiers. You can get more details about the Vic Falls Marathon here. As discussed on the show the videos about the Vic Falls Marathon are below.

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