Latest on Johan Labuschagne & Casper Bester talks bike servicing – Cycle Talk SA Episode 19

Last week’s episode of Cycle Talk SA with the details of Johan Labuschagne’s accident was the most downloaded and listened to yet, and we received a ton of feedback regarding the show and the accident.  This week on episode 19 of Cycle Talk SA:

Brad caught up with Hans de Ridder, who is Johan Labischagne’s brother in law to get an update on Johan’s condition following him getting hit by a taxi last week.

Bicycle Mechanic

Casper Bester, bike mechanic for Team MTN Qhubeka, joins us to talk about his mobile bicycle servicing business. Casper tells us how you can get your bicycle serviced where ever you are and when it is convenient for you. Casper also tells Brad how often you should get a minor as well as a major service. As discussed on the show, you can get hold of Casper on , or .

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