Latest News on Sonja Laxton’s condition.

We received this update on ‘s condition from Ian Laxton on Tuesday 3 December 2013. 


Good day everyone,

I am pleased to report that these complications have resolved themselves, except for the use of a nasal cannula to breathe.  She is in high spirits and is receiving aggressive physiotherapy, and has even started walking around the ward, assisted.  Fifty metres in 5 minutes is not exactly world record pace, but, like the first man on the moon, it is a ‘giant step.’Her condition improves daily.  Early last week, typically in post-trauma recovery, her body took some serious knocks as a result of the repair process that was taking place.  She had difficulty breathing, resulting in an aggressive regimen of oxygen supplementation being put into place via a face mask and breathing machine.  She also developed a pneumonia.We continue to be amazed by the number of enquiries we are receiving daily about Sonja’s condition.  All of us appreciate immensely the wave of love and affection that has come Sonja’s way, now 16 days after her accident.  It has not diminished at all.  In fact, many people still call regularly, and I know that many others would like to know what is happening, but realise that handling the volume of calls takes time on our side.

We await her move out of ICU, but the timing of that milestone remains unclear.  The final move back home is still in the future.  Pray that it is before Christmas.

Regards and thanks again.

Kim and Ian

The interview below was done with Kim Laxton on the most recent Run Talk SA

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