Run Talker of the Week – Donald Reid

Donald Reid. IMGHow did you get into running? After an illness in my early 30’s my doctor told me it would be unlikely that I would ever run, ski, exercise in any meaningful fashion.  That was like waving a red rag to a bull!  So mid-30’s I took my first step and ran down the Brighton seafront…

How long have you been running? I started running seriously for 8 years. I started with a very slow 2km from my house down to the Brighton pier and built up from there.  My first race was the Brighton half marathon, which I ran in support of the Sussex Beacon our local HIV / AIDS hospice.  It was a cold, blustery February morning, I finished in 1 hour 47min and was hooked!

What is your favourite distance to run and why? I enjoy all distances – 10k’s, half’s and marathon’s.  They all require a different mindset and level of focus, training and I love the challenges all of them pose.  However, my favourite is still the 3/4 miles along the Brighton seafront…

Who is your biggest running inspiration and why? Mo Farah – anyone who can win the Olympic double is a hero in my eyes…

What is your biggest or best running achievement? What are you most proud of? My Two Oceans time — I completed in 5 hours 17 mins.  Just thrilled…

What is your favourite running quote? “At 26.2 miles there’s a sign that says ‘This is the distance of a marathon’.  There is white line painted on the concrete indicating the exact spot.  I exaggerate only a bit when I say that the moment I straddled that line a slight shiver went through me, for this was the first time I’d ever run more than a marathon.  For me this was the Straight of Gibraltar, beyond which lay an unknown sea.  What lay in wait beyond this, what unknown creatures were living there, I didn’t have a clue.”  What I talk about when I talk about running, Haruki Murakami

Where is your favourite place to run and tell us why? My favourite running route is along the sea front in Brighton.  You start at the docks at the edge of Portslade, past Hove lagoon and on your left are the yellow facades of the regal Regency town houses of Hove.  The bright lights and seagulls of the Palace Pier are just along from the remains of the West Pier standing lonely in the channel.  The newest addition to the Brighton seafront comes next, the Brighton Wheel, and then as you come up to the end of town, the houses of Kemp Town loom large.

After that Chapman’s Peak has to rank very high…

Why do you run? To remind myself that I am still here.

What has been/is your biggest running challenge and how did you/ do you overcome it? Starting was the biggest challenge. After that, and however difficult training / recovering from an injury can be, you know you can do it!

What is the biggest life lesson running has taught you? If you set your mind to it, and with the right approach and training, you can accomplish pretty much anything!

What race/s is/are on your bucket list? I would love to run in Kenya. Berlin is another key race.  At some point I would really like to run in the Arctic.

Who is your dream running partner and why? The person who when it’s cold, wet, raining and blowing a gale pushes you on…

What do you love about running? To take me out of myself.  After the first 30 minutes you let go and your mind rests easy…  Then when you cross the finish-line, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

How do you deal with disappointment or injury from a mental perspective? No matter how difficult the run, how sore your legs are or how tired you may be – there is always a small part in your head that doesn’t hurt.  So you focus on that!

What is the number 1 tip you would give to a brand new runner? Do it for yourself.

Do you use any running apps or gadgets? If so what is your favourite and tell us a bit about it? I use the RunKeeper app on the iPhone.  It’s great to see an aggregate distance, average pace and the terrain covered on each run. And I am on .

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