Andrew McLean & Dr Jeroen Swart on the 2013 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and Physiotherapist Richard Feher on common Mountain Bike injuries – MTB Talk SA Episode 5

This week on Mountain Bike Talk SA we chat extensively about the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships that are fast approaching as well as mountain biking injuries and how to avoid them. On episode 5 of MTB Talk SA Brad:

  • Caught up with Super Cycling’s Andrew McLean who not only knows a ton about the South African Mountain bike scene but is also racing in the Masters category at the World Champs at Cascades in Pietermaritzburg. Andrew tells Brad why he thinks KwaZulu Natal is producing so many world class mountain bikers and how the other unions can emulate their success. They also discussed why South Africa is not producing as many Cross Country mountain bikers as it should be. You can .
  • Touched base with Dr Jeroen Swart and quized him about who he thought were possible medal contenders at the world champs. Jeroen also had some superb advice for novice mountain bikers who may get inspired by watching the world’s and decide to take up the sport. should you wish to be in touch with him.
  • Gate crashed MBT Talk’s resident physiotherapist, Richard Feher during a gym session to pick his brain about common mountain biking injuries, but more importantly how to avoid them. You can contact Richard through his practice on or you can .

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