Nutrition Plan for the Momentum 94.7 with Nicki De Villiers & Author of the Cyclists’ Guide Tom Cottrell – Cycle Talk SA Episode 16

It is the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge on Sunday and this week on Cycle Talk SA:

94.7-rd-closures-insideWe caught up with dietician Nicki De Villiers from the HPC at University of Pretoria about what you should do from a nutritional perspective if you are taking part in the second largest timed cycling event in the world. We chat about gels and bars and solid foods that could help you have a better race.

Tom Cottrell tells us what goes into his annual Cyclists’ Guide. Tom has been in the guidebook game for many years and has established himself as a leader when it comes to creating an all-encompassing hand book for cyclists in South Africa. Tom also tells Brad about the move they are currently making into the digital world.

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