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Cycle Talker of the Week – Roulof Hefer

Roulof Hefer - imgTrailseeker CulinanHow did you get into road cycling? In the middle of 2012 my friends decided that they would do the 94.7 and I decided to join.  During our training I was a bit apprehensive but the feeling I had on race day is something I never want to forget and that has pushed me to do more.

How long have you been cycling? Being a student, the easiest and cheapest way of getting around is by cycling, so at the beginning of 2012 I got a bicycle and it has been a great method of transportation.  My first race was the 2012 94.7.

What is your favourite distance to cycle and why? I would say that a good 80 to 90kms is something I quiet enjoy, with that distance I think you can maintain a good average speed and have the rest of the day available without feeling out of it.  For some more endurance I would then do a 120km loop.

Who is your biggest cycling inspiration and why? It has to be Daryl Impey, wearing Yellow and becoming the first Saffer to do so.  Another would be Jay Thomson, I am also a Krugersdorp boy and having a hometown hero is great.

 What is your biggest or best cycling achievement? What are you most proud of? The 94.7 being my first race, it holds a special place in my memory, the initial push to get ready for the race and partaking means a lot to me.

What is your favourite cycling quote? “It never gets easier, you just go faster” by Greg LeMond.

Where is your favourite place to ride and tell us why? Continue reading

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